Company Environment 公司环境
Based on the sincerity, with more emphasis on reserving large technical strength and developing samples, with the excellent manufacturing technics, we have been successfully obtained good reputation in our customers. The quality policy-- “high quality, good efficiency, win by quality” and the strict quality control ensure our good product and the right delivery date. It wins much high evaluation and appreciation from our client.

  • Office 办公室
  • Sample room 样板房
  • Marker laying room 唛架房
  • Cutting room 裁剪房
  • Production department 生产车间
  • Bartack section 打枣区
  • Button hole section 凤眼区
  • Triming area 剪线区
  • Buttoning area 打钉钮区
  • Iron area 打烫区
  • First consultation area 首查区
  • Final inspection area 尾查区
  • Packing department 包装区